Born in 1993 in Southwest France (Bordeaux) to Sudanese’s parents, Abdel El Tayeb uses his multicultural heritage as a starting point in his collections.

His work explores cultural identity, the definition of home within the context of globalisation, through ancestrals craft- manship and embellishments.


He studied textile design in Paris at Olivier de Serres and Ecole Duperré, where he developed an interest in various handcrafts technics, embrodery printing, hand knitting, and leather work.

He then graduated of a bachelor degree’s of fashion design from La cambre MODE/S/ school in Brussels. Abdel gained experience interning into Maison de Haute Couture Franck Sorbier in Paris, Aitor Throup in London, Ann Demeleumeester in Antwerp, and Cedric Charlier studio in Paris.